Get Our Converters – Save Power, Save Money! Water pump converters for every industry Today water pumps can be found everywhere, in irrigation/agriculture, in various industries, in domestic households, etc. It has become a ubiquitous device. However, those with large water pumping requirements pay a hefty energy bill every month. We at WATERMAN have a solution for your high energy bills. Not only our water pumps consume less energy but they also work efficiently in low voltages. This means for less input you get more output. Save significant costs Even so, there are cases where the consumption is so much that they need something extra to bring down their energy bills. This is where our converters come into picture. Just like the sturdy and efficient water pumps, Waterman provides you exceptionally good converters for all our water handling woes. Our converters help you to bring down the energy bills significantly so that you can have the peace of mind you were looking for. Our expert engineers at our manufacturing plants have taken utmost care to develop converters that help you achieve the desired flow of water through the pump yet save significant costs. Every element of the converters we offer has gone through thorough testing and rigorous quality checks so that you do not face any issues with it. WATERMAN Converters are great to quickly regulate the speed of the motor and hence you have good control over the flow and the pressure you are achieving. Your satisfaction is our priority 100% satisfaction of our customers is our goal and our business relationship with you is based on this philosophy. We are constantly striving to provide you perfect solutions for all your water pumping requirements. Our converters are a testament of perfection and have been certified by the leading energy rating providers across the globe. Just like our pumps, WATERMAN converters are durable and last long with minimal to no glitches to help you focus more on your operations rather than on the equipment.

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